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Submitted on
July 31, 2011


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Character Creation

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 31, 2011, 8:27 PM


For evolution and stage advancements, see THIS BLOG instead.

➠ Read all the other blogs before proceeding.

Minispris Character Sheet by TapichuMinispris Character Sheet by TapichuMinispris Character Sheet by Tapichu
You'll have to fill this out.

➠ Fill out the basic info.
+ Name/Gender: ...should be obvious.

+ Stage: One

➠ Select a terrain.
+ Choose carefully between Ira, Tere, Esa, and Vaal. For more on them, see here.

➠ Select a class.
+ Offensive // Strike: Physical brawlers who use some sort of weapon to fight. These types should focus on striking and head-on battle.

+ Offensive // Magical: Technical fighters who focus primarily on attack magic. They may have a medium for conjuring, or simply with their bare hands. They are usually weak in physical bouts.

+ Defensive // Strike: 'Tanks' or strategists. They may not necessarily be good close-range fighters, but they are good at protecting others, and boast high endurance. These sprites usually carry some sort of object to use as their shield.

+ Defensive // Magical: Gentle healers who care for other sprites. Talented in support, they usually use their magic to help other sprites instead of attack- from boosting stats to healing injuries. They usually have a medium for conjuring or just use their hands.

➠ Select a weapon.
+ Weapons should make sense to your class. For example, an offensive//strike type sprite should not be using a stick (wand) and a defensive//magical type sprite should not have a cleaver.

+ Weapons should fit well with your character.

+ Keep weapons simple. At first stage, they shouldn't be strong at all. Weapons evolve with your character, so leave room for development later.

+ It's okay for a weapon to be part of your sprite's body (ie. their hair). However, a weapon should not be alive (ie. you cannot have an animal or living sword as your weapon).

+ Even if you select magical type, try to have a medium or some special way the spell appears to place in your weapon's box. Simply drawing a ball of light isn't giving you too many creativity points...

+ There aren't any real limits to the weapon, but keep things logical to the world of Aetherin! (no guns, no lightsabers, etc). It also doesn't have to normally be a weapon, but is used as one by your sprite. Be creative!


➠ Select a skill.
+ Your sprite is allowed to have one elemental skill that is unique to it. Besides the skill, all you have is the weapon itself.... You won't be allowed to have multiple elemental skills, so choose your weapon and skill carefully! If your skill is based off of your magic, which you wield with your hands... then your only other weapon would be a pretty good slap to the opponent's face...!

+ Your skill must be the element that your terrain is. Ira --> wind related skills, etc

+ Your skill's name will not change throughout your evolutions, so be careful.

+ Your skill has 5 levels, just like your sprite. As its level increases, its power/abilities also grow. Therefore, at stage one, the skill should be fairly weak. Keep it simple and leave room for growth!

+ Your skill must relate to your weapon somehow. Don't have a sword and say your skill is 'crimson punch'.


➠ Draw your character.
+ Please draw your character in a 'chibi' style. If you're not sure about that, click here for a sprite's general body type. Try not to stray too far from it.

+ Every subsequent stage will also be drawn in the same chibi style, though you will be making changes, and the sprite can get a little bigger. For a visual, click here.

+ Keep your character's clothes fitting for their terrain. For all the details, check the world blog and the FAQ.

+ If you were in the old MiniSpris, yes, you can still 'age' them. That, however, is now optional, and you are required to draw them in chibi form for their cs. However, if you want to draw them in your normal style (in other works) with appropriate ages, please refer to this growth chart to see what stage equates with what age. Basically, in order, it goes like this:
Toddler - > Child - > Pre-teen - > Young Adult - > Adult

➠ Samples
MS : Kor by Tapichu MS: Breeze by arcanium
MS: Salt by onedayfour MS: Moss by Snowchu

Remember, creativity is golden but don't go overboard with the design. Your OC will be growing (evolving) so you might want to leave some leeway to work with later. We’ll be looking for the most interesting as well as those most representative of their chosen element.

➠Once the Character Sheet is complete, fill out the following information under Artist Description :
Name: Your sprite's name.
Current Stage: One
Gender: Your sprite's gender.
Terrain: Ira, Tere, Esa, or Vaal.
Class: Your sprite's class (see above).
Height: 1-3 feet for stage 1. :new:

Weapon: The name of your sprite's weapon, and a description of what it is (see above).
Skill: The name of your sprite's special skill, and a description of what it does (see above).

Personality: How your sprite acts; their mannerisms, etc.
Additional Info: Anything else you want to mention.

➠ Create an original character following the criteria listed above.
➠ Have fun and be creative~
➠ Stand out from the rest!

If there is anything you don’t understand or any questions you have, please feel free to ask.

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Vanilliana Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi, I would like to get my weapon idea checked! Its for a offensive/strike weapon in the Esa Terrain uwu

Weapon- A pincer (the kinds that are found on crabs) that he has on one arm instead of a hand, this grows in sharpness/strength/durability as he grows. A small shell is attached to it, which can store a very limited amount of water.

Skill- He is able to suck a limited quantity of water into the shell on his claw, and squirt it out much like a hose. In the first stage, however, it is not good for much besides distracting his foes.

Thanks! >u<
arcanium Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Looks fine. though, in Esa, he can produce the water himself, so there's no real need to store water unless he uses a lot...
Vanilliana Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ah okay, thank you uwu
So would it be better if instead of water the shell stored a bit of salt, that he could mix in with the water? This way, he may be able to squirt it into the enemies eyes and make them temporarily blind for a moment? ouo
arcanium Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Uh...yeah, I suppose that's fine!
Vanilliana Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh okay! Thank you for your time >u<
vtas Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi! I have a weapons/skill check question-
my character is Defensive/Magical and hoping to get into Tere:

I was wondering if, as a weapon, he could have a stick with a teapot hanging from the end of it. His skill would basically be something like "healing touch" that allows him to encourage healing herbs/plants to grow (and he would then harvest the plants to make healing drinks and stuff). Later on I imagine his skill would broaden in scope to make the healing plants more potent and his healing teas the same as a result?

Thanks for your time!
arcanium Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well... while that does work... It's not really viable for battle? If he is completely against fighting and will just be in the background for such things, then I guess it's fine! But it's not going to be useful in the heat of the battle, if you understand what I mean. But if that's what you intend for, then I guess it's okay!

You could instead apply the healing touch to him- (using the power gained from nature/surroundings, and giving him a healing touch; the teapot staff would be his medium) and that would be more applicable in a fight since he can heal directly. A side effect, then, could be that his touch makes plants grow healing properties that can then be harvested on the side; but it'd have to be in stage 3 (adding a stronger Tere hybrid-> life). So stick to one effect in the beginning and branch out later!
vtas Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh wait, I have another question-

I kinda did intend for his healing power to be somewhat unconventional XD
If possible, could I make it so he heals through his drinks? Like, uh, essentially potions/pots. So if injured in battle, a fighter could just drink one?
arcanium Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hmm.. I guess? He'd just be limited to what he had beforehand I suppose, since to make 'healing water' immediately would be more of an Esa thing. So you can stick with the teapot + enhancement of plants to give them healing properties (as his main skill), and say he brews potions  beforehand and has a stock for use in battles..?
vtas Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ohh yeah, that is what I intended, but you had some great suggestions as well, so I will consider them in depth *_*

Thank you so much for the thoughtful replies!
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