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new beginnings

Terrain Standing





Welcome to MiniSpris!

Minispris' enrollment is now CLOSED
Next Enrollment: ?

Current Theme: [Clow Card AU]

See the link for details. || Date Changed:March 4th, 2014

Thank you for all your continued support!
Please read all blogs before asking questions.

[Current Events] - UPDATE AGAIN

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 21, 2014, 6:40 PM
EDIT 2: We've been getting some messages about this, so I figured I'd make a note about it. So, here is a PSA.

We are NOT relinquishing the admin rights to this group nor do we need 'more help'. That's not what we're looking for; please respect our decisions (especially since none of these notes came from actual members within the group...think about it.) Please, do NOT send us more messages about this. We're not going to reply.

Members, if you want to do member-run slice of life type events after event 3, that can be arranged. If you want a certain weekly theme, feel free to post on the front page to suggest it. But we aren't interested in striking deals of handing the group over to people who aren't even a part of MiniSpris (or, at all; please, do not inquire about it).

If you want to make a derivative group, fine, not our business, as long as you don't involve our characters / world / etc. Unless you are making a carbon copy of MiniSpris, we're not really going to come after you or anything.

Messages about these matters will no longer be replied to. Also, I mean no offense, but it really does get annoying, so please try not to feel offended if this PSA happens to affect you. Thank you for your understanding. Have a good day! /o/

EDIT: Hey, thank you for the responses~
Based on your replies, we shall be doing and completing event 3 ...! We'll try to wrap up the plot in a way that brings closure rather than the original planned end of event 3. The next part will be up sometime this weekend, hopefully. Thanks for all the responses, and we're really glad you guys liked the group so much (it's rather bittersweet).

Area 4+5 info and Stage 4+5 info will not be up until after event 3, so it doesn't conflict with the current plot.

I want to be clear once more: the group will still be here, and we will still accept submissions/look over stage 2 and up apps, etc. There could be weekly themes still and such, or guests from OneWay Station. No guarantees, no promises.

We are simply abolishing the plot (which tends to drag on and on), the aether system, and enrollments; aka our formal duties within the group. If you want to continue being active/rping with other members in the group (heck, you could even make your own chat events and get others' attention on the front page), it won't be a problem for you.

Hey guys. Serious talk time.

It should come as no surprise to anyone of course, dying DA groups shouldn't be a surprise to anyone, but as of late, MiniSpris is extremely inactive (in terms of us putting out events and other aspects). The issue has been ongoing for a while, and we've tried to keep things up regardless, but inevitably, it had to end at some point.

This isn't anyone's fault of course; it's simply the lack of time + interest we've had to moderate this group and promote activity. We had been hoping to keep going a little longer, but the reality of the situation is obvious.

There won't be a restart or hiatus this time, the group will simply be shut down.

However, despite the same end result, there is something we'd like to ask your opinion about in terms of how things will go now. It'd be appreciated if you could reply as to which option sounds better for you (just keep in mind that the group's eventual shut down is not going to change. Sorry.). Comments on this journal will be read, but most likely not responded to.

1. Continue and complete event 3, resolving the current plot. Event 3 is already planned, more or less. This option provides more closure to the group (if you feel invested in the plot). This event is expected to end sometime in the summer.

2. End the group now. Exactly what it says. If knowing the group will end makes the last event meaningless, then we can simply close the group now.

As for what we plan to do after shutting down the group... The group will still exist. We can't stop anyone from making a derivative of the group, but of course, you will need new worlds and new gods. We might release stage 4 and 5 info / area 4 and 5 info if that's of interest to you; do mention so if it is. Submissions will still be accepted, though no aether will be counted.

Sorry to drop the bad news, it felt better to do so rather than close the group unexpectedly or keep providing false hope.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. Thanks for being a part of MiniSpris~

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iingo Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
waits for conclusion event.....if it happens sob OTL
Idea-K Featured By Owner Edited Jul 2, 2014  New member Student Digital Artist
i really want to join this group, is there gonna be a new enrollment?
or it'll never open a new enrollment??
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Sigme Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2014
Care to affiliate with :iconc-anvas: ?
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One day.. I will catch the enrollments 8'I
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Aww blast I was trying to join. The art seems amazing.
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