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Terrain Standing





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Dungeon 01 - Below the Surface (exploration)

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 2, 2014, 4:55 PM


After the disappearance of Moss, something changed.

A seal that existed before broke.

Between roots of huge trees nested in Honey Forest, an entrance appeared, leading deep into the ground. Inside, the path continued on to seemingly countless tunnels and underground caves spread throughout the whole forest area and with glowing mushrooms.

Although all of them look the same and gives out faint, green light in the tunnels, they differ from one another. Mushrooms can be classified into four broad categories, which all take after one of the four terrains:

TERE - Some of them, after eaten, restore health. In Old Aetherin, sprites used to collect them and prepare medicines and brews/potions.

IRA - Few, pulled out, will show little wings. Though they fly rather chaotically (they're only mushrooms after all), sprites in past used to catch them in bottles and containers to get a nice source of light at night.

ESA - They produce sweet, edible, but sticky liquid. In some areas of the tunnels and caves, they can create bigger ponds and lakes.

VAAL - These are the ones that are most dangerous as they produce flammable gases. Be careful with your fire underground, Vaal sprites!

To the Population of Aetherin
◎; Investigate the mushrooms!

◎; Taste them, try pulling them out, and observe the environment around mushrooms to see their differences.

Take into consideration that tunnels are a special place that will DISAPPEAR after the event comes to an end. Mushrooms growing there can't be found anywhere else in Aetherin, so if you want to save them for yourself , then collect/plant them somewhere else. You have limited time!

Mushrooms can be planted in all terrains, but they grow best in places with shade covered areas like caves. Heat and cold might be too much for them, and only mushrooms which produce liquid can grow underwater.
Event  Specifications
◎; It's an extra event, NOT mandatory.

◎; 5 aether (in addition to how much aether your image would normally receive) will be awarded.

◎; You have time to take part in it until END of the current OFFICIAL 3 EVENT.

◎; Collaborations are allowed.

◎; Multiple submissions are fine, but only one will be given event points.

◎; The goal is to explore the tunnels and collect/interact with mushrooms.

◎; In case of ANY uncertainties, ask 2Fyamika or mods.

◎; Drop by the chat to rp!

Good luck sprites and be careful! The tunnels might been sealed for a reason...

Remember, there's still theClow Card AU event made by WhiteWings, please check it out~! =)

MOD NOTE : Thank you 2Fyamika for providing this event!

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